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Ariane Villwock
22455 Hamburg
english, french, german, spanish
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online, in person
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Job coaching / Application coaching, Orientation coaching, Führungskräftecoaching / Akademiker*innen, Coaching speziell für Frauen, Coaching on the job, Lifecoaching
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Is it time for a change? 

Then you’ve come to the right place! Whether you need a (new) career orientation or you like your current  employer, but your career direction there needs a change, we can tackle this together. 

Do you already have a few jobs lined up, but need help landing them with the right employers? 

Then we can organise an application training session. Do you have a suitable CV? How does your cover letter  sound? And are you worried about the interview? Here’s the first tip for the right mindset. Job interviews are for  getting to know each other. You should show your best side and be well prepared, but YOU must also like you’re  potential employer. You can and should ask the right questions!

Are you currently stuck on what is right for you? 

Self-employed or employed? Let’s find out together what and who suits you. If you know in which direction you  should go, then you will also find your goal or the right job! Then orientation coaching is just right for you. 

And this mid-life? 

Are you around 50 and sometimes have the feeling that you are suddenly full of surprises? 

Menopausal women face yet another set of challenges. Midlife power in a professional context is also my core  strength, because I belong to this group myself, so I know what I’m talking about! 

Why can I do that? 

I have been working in the field of coaching and training in personal development for over 17 years. Does your  personality fit the job description and the environment you want to work in? Are there any inner conflicts that are  getting in the way? And what about your resilience? As a work-health balance coach, I always make sure that  there is a balance between tension and relaxation on a mental level.  

I originally come from the music industry, where I promoted artists abroad. Then I became the mother of two  children, who are now grown up, and at the same time got into my favourite subject, ‘people’. I have also  embarked on this path of personal development and can only tell you with inner conviction that it is worth it! 

In order to know and not just feel that what I do makes sense, I have completed various training courses in NLP,  personality diagnostics according to Prof Julius Kuhl and wingwave®.  

In which languages can you speak with me? 

German, French (I’m half French), English and Spanish (my mum is from Mexico) 

What else? 

I’m a family person, which is all about family and friends. I love being in nature, but in a cosy way. You’ll see me making relaxed bike tours or going for a long walk. I’m a dedicated cinephile and my life would be nothing without  music.

Branch experience
Art / Culture, Consulting / Coaching, Creative, Entertainment / Event, Freelance professions, Human Resources, Immobilien (Bau), Import / Export, Media, Services, Transport / Logistik, Wholesale
Focus / Interests
50+ generation, Creativity, Family Work-Life-Balance, Health, Resilience, Women's coaching
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