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Ani Karapetyan
13089 Berlin
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Jobcoaching / Bewerbungscoaching, Orientierungscoaching, Gründungscoaching / Businesscoaching, Coaching on the job, Migrationscoaching / Coaching für Geflüchtete

Hi, my name is Ani. I am a career and business coach. I have been living in Germany since 2017 and helping all my courageous clients to integrate and grow.

  • career coaching allows us to define a good fitting profession, look for study programmes, successfully apply for jobs and discover all questions and answers related to our professional growth.
  • business coaching – for over 5 years I have been also working with start-ups on business strategies for go-to-market strategies. Whether you would like to start your own business or grow it further, you can contact me.

Moreover, If you are currently registered at the Job Centre, you can apply for an AVGS-Voucher(Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein) for integration, career or start-up coaching. It will allow you to benefit from coaching, financed by the Job Centre. Usually, AVGS indicates the duration of possible coaching sessions and their intensity, such as 2 months with a minimum of 2 meetings per a week or other.

During integration and career coaching, we go through several stages that allow us to develop an application strategy, search for career opportunities and alternatives, prepare documents (CV, motivation letter in German), get ready to tricky questions on the interviews, analyse opportunities for further education or internship programs in Germany.

One of my favourite techniques in coaching is the identification of strong inner beliefs and values that fill us with energy. Answering that question: “if I am actually satisfying the innerer hunger for this or the other particular value” allows us to remain accountable to our own goals. When the answer is yes, that also means that by doing it we become more resourceful and energetic for our life, for people that surround us, for projects that we lead, and so much more.

So we may try this and many other interesting techniques together.

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Beratung / Coaching, Freie Berufe, IT / Netzwerk / Service, Onlinemarketing / Webshop
Fokus / Interessen
Integration, Kreativität, Migration, New Work / GenZ
Businessplanerstellung, Idee / Analyse / Strategie, Marketing / Vertrieb / SocialMedia, Selbstorganisation / Zeitmanagement, Start up / Junges Unternehmen

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