Why AVGS individual coaching should always take place on a one-to-one basis

In today’s fast-paced and demanding world of work, the need for individual development and personal support is more important than ever. Coaching has established itself as an effective method for achieving professional and personal goals, overcoming blockages and realising your full potential. In particular, individual coaching subsidised by an activation and placement voucher (AVGS) offers unique advantages. This article highlights the reasons why AVGS individual coaching should always take place in a one-to-one format and explains the specific advantages of this form of coaching.

Individual attention and customised solutions

One of the biggest advantages of one-to-one coaching is the individual attention that the coach can devote to the coachee. In contrast to group coaching sessions, where the coach has to divide his attention between several people, in one-to-one coaching he can concentrate fully on the specific needs, challenges and goals of the coachee. This is particularly relevant in the context of AVGS coaching, as people with very different backgrounds and challenges are often coached here. Customised solutions that are optimally tailored to the individual can therefore be developed and implemented more efficiently.

A deeper basis of trust and openness

A trusting relationship between coach and coachee is the basis for successful coaching. In a one-to-one setting, this basis of trust is easier to build and maintain. The coachee feels more secure in a private environment and is more willing to talk openly about personal and professional challenges. This openness is particularly crucial in AVGS coaching, as very individual and sensitive topics, such as long-term unemployment or personal crises, often need to be discussed.

Flexibility and adaptability

Another advantage of individual coaching is its high degree of flexibility. The coaching sessions can be individually adapted to the coachee’s schedule and needs. This is particularly important for professionals with busy schedules or for people who are in a retraining or further education phase. In addition, the coach can adjust the pace and focus of the sessions at any time in order to optimally support the coachee’s progress. This is particularly valuable in the context of AVGS coaching, as the individual requirements and goals of participants often vary greatly.

More intensive work on personal issues

In a one-to-one coaching session, personal issues and deep-rooted blockages can be worked on intensively and in a targeted manner. The coach can use specific methods and techniques that are tailored to the coachee’s individual challenges. This leads to deeper self-reflection and lasting changes that often cannot be achieved in a group setting. AVGS coaching often aims to support people in difficult life situations, which requires intensive and individualised support.

Greater accountability and commitment

In individual coaching, the coachee is more accountable to the coach. Direct contact and personalised support increase the coachee’s commitment and motivation to actively work on their goals and implement the agreed measures. This increased accountability generally leads to better and faster results. Especially in AVGS coaching, which aims to increase employability and pave the way back into the labour market, a high degree of responsibility and commitment is crucial for success.

Support from the AVGS

The Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS) is a funding instrument of the Federal Employment Agency that aims to provide jobseekers with individual support and improve their chances on the labour market. By financing individual coaching with AVGS, participants can receive targeted and effective support without having to worry about the costs. This support enables participants to concentrate fully on their personal and professional development.


One-to-one coaching offers a number of advantages that often cannot be realised in group coaching sessions. The individual attention, the deeper basis of trust, the flexibility, the intensive processing of personal issues as well as the greater responsibility and commitment make one-to-one coaching the preferred method for effective personal and professional development. Especially in the context of AVGS coaching, which is specifically designed to overcome individual barriers and facilitate the path back into the labour market, 1-to-1 coaching proves to be indispensable. In a world that is becoming increasingly complex and demanding, AVGS individual coaching offers the necessary support to fully utilise individual potential and achieve sustainable success.

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