Coaching on the Job

Keeping your dream job:

The AVGS Coaching on the job is an individual and sustainable coaching with advice and action made to measure.

AVGS Coaching on the job Arbeitsmarkt

AVGS Coaching On the Job
Labor market
Adapted to the job as well as to what is happening on the job, so that the training period is crowned with success and stressful job changes are a thing of the past. Perfect for people who have already had frequent job changes and no longer feel like it.

Life Orientation:

Our coaches will support you even after you sign the contract.

AVGS Coaching on the job Antrag stellen

AVGS Coaching on the Job application
If you finally got your dream job with or without our coaching programs, we will help you to get along with your new team, your boss or the current challenges.

Coaching On the Job

The prerequisite is the openness to look at yourself, to question your own behavior and to adapt it, also in the context of previous feedback from employers. The focus is on social and communicative competencies (both to let yourself be managed, to cooperate collegially as well as to confidently stand up for yourself), team skills and integration (also in different hierarchies), quick realization of whether the job really suits you or what needs attention to make it the job fit.

Training of your personality, behaviors as well as skills to make yourself as indispensable as possible for companies in an honest and upright way. The advantage is that it’s not just general theory that doesn’t correspond to the realities of the current workplace. Everything you learn can be directly implemented and adapted to the job requirements.

Preventive coaching on the job regarding the critical personal issues that you are aware of or about which you have already received critical feedback more than once. The advantage is the direct implementation, where no valuable and important time is wasted to change the circumstances, so that the new job “sticks.”

Coaching on the Job with the activation and placement voucher is so easy: Watch our video!

AVGS Coaching:
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With us, you can individually do the coaching that fits your needs and professional goals. Whether job coaching, application coaching or start-up coaching – we support you in integrating into the German labor market and give you the orientation for the next step in your professional future. Choose the right AVGS coaching to expand and strengthen your professional skills.

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Raimund Imo - AVGS Coaching
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68161 Mannheim
AVGS Coaching - Alla Bilenka
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51107 Köln
Gabriele Herz - AVGS Coaching
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10119 Berlin
Irene Yu - AVGS Coaching
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12045 Berlin
Miriam Hanelt - AVGS Coaching
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86928 Hofstetten
AVGS Coaching - Johann Krakl
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14059 Berlin
Ani Karapetyan - AVGS Coaching
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13089 Berlin
Judith Ritz-Ayres - AVGS Coaching
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39291 Möser
Susanne Augustin - AVGS Coaching
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36381 Schlüchtern
Yasemin Eckert - AVGS Coaching
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14163 Berlin
AVGS Coaching - David Roemmler
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10117 Berlin
AVGS Coaching - Daniel von Rützen
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80801 München