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Anja Domres
16556 Hohen Neuendorf, Brandenburg
english, german
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online, in person, by phone
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Orientation coaching, Executive coaching / Academics, Coaching on the job, Coaching especially for women, Holistic support, Carriercoaching
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My Approach:

“The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes.” William James (Psychologist, Philosopher)

Your success in achieving your coaching goals is also my success as a coach. I see myself as a professional and empathetic guide on your individual journey. I work solution-oriented and choose the appropriate coaching methods for you to provide optimal support. I work based on my psychological education, solid and diverse coaching techniques, and extensive professional experience.

Every person has special talents and abilities, but often also cognitive or emotional barriers that hinder the unfolding of existing potentials and a fulfilled, happy life. What are your strengths and interests? What beliefs, needs, and values do you have? What motivates and hinders you? What resources can you use for yourself? Which professional role truly suits you? How can you professionally reorient yourself? How can you increase your satisfaction, well-being, and success in the long term? What is the next step that brings you closer to your professional and life goals?

I support you in finding answers to the questions relevant to your situation. Together, we develop a strategy to achieve your goals. And a bit of humor should not be missing in all of this.

What to expect from a coaching with me:

You define your coaching goal, and I guide and support you with the appropriate coaching tools.

  • Clearly defining your goals
  • Gaining clarity regarding strengths, beliefs, needs, fears, values
  • Resolving mental blockages
  • Decision-making and pragmatic problem-solving
  • Developing a concrete plan with interim goals
  • Support getting into action
  • Unleashing individual potentials
  • Increasing motivation, self-control, and resilience
  • Improving mental health, preventing stress/burnout

My coaching is for you if:

  • … you want to achieve your professional goals faster
  • … you want to benefit from the support of a trained psychologist
  • … you want to change something in your professional situation but don’t know how
  • … you are open to new perspectives
  • … you want to try a coaching session in Virtual Reality (VR)

About me:

  • Diplom-Psychologist (with focuses on Work, Organizational, and Clinical Psychology)
  • Coaching certifications and training:
    • Strategic Business Coach
    • Metaverse Trainer (TÜV Certification)
    • Virtual Reality Senior Trainer and Coach
    • Systemic Coaching
    • Performance Coaching
    • Intercultural Trainer
    • Leadership Coach (eBay Inc.)
    • #IamRemarkable Trainer (Google)
    • Psychology of Decision Making
  • Licensed as a practitioner for psychotherapy
  • Professional and leadership experience (20 years in the field)
  • International project management experience
  • Cross-industry knowledge (Financial Services and Tech/IT)
  • 9 years in Munich, 10 years in Berlin/Brandenburg
  • Experience with shared leadership in part-time, restructuring, and change processes in companies, New Work
  • Mother of two – I passionately support women in professional reorientation, re-entry after parental leave, or the next career step
  • Member of the Professional Association of German Psychologists

Contact me for a non-binding preliminary session. I look forward to getting to know you.

Branch experience
Consulting / Coaching, IT / Network / Service, Online marketing / Web store
Focus / Interests
Family Work-Life-Balance, Health, Immersive technologies / (VR), LGBTQI+, New Work / GenZ, Resilience, Women's coaching
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