Here, you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions regarding AVGS.

AVGS Coaching - Informationen

We are proud to have achieved a 100% success rate with our business plans. If you want to start a business and receive a grant or start-up allowance, you will also receive the grant if the expert opinion is positive and the concept is viable.

After consultation with your coach or your coach team, it is also possible to participate in other events such as workshops, some of which are free of charge. For example, marketing, accounting/taxes or SEO. Just ask your coach in the context of the respective program what is reasonable and possible.

Our coaching programs are also certified for digital consulting/coaching. While it is good if we work face-to-face with you, a mix of sessions/appointments that should and can be done digitally via Zoom, WhatsApp, Hangouts, Skype, etc. is also no problem with us. Especially if you are in other states or sometimes on the road, this is possible.

If you like, you are also welcome to bring your (business) partner. This is not the rule, but it is certainly possible with us.

If the chemistry is not right or other experts are needed, a change of coach is not only possible but also makes sense for your success.

Why not? Suggest a date or a rhythm and we will check if it is possible. Our opinion is always, it must fit for everyone and that is possible.

You are welcome to have an orientation and get-to-know conversation with a coach and then decide.

We are happy to consult with you before you start coaching and discuss the process and answer any questions you may have. Simply contact us and you will receive a proposed appointment within 24 hours.

You will receive everything we have worked out together as files or data carriers. This includes, for example, application folders, business plans, analyses, scripts and other documents.

After completion of the coaching, you will receive a certificate of participation signed by the coach stating the duration and content of the coaching.

Talk to your case worker about your qualification options through coaching. We will also be happy to prepare offers or documents for you. You can also apply for the AVGS (activation and placement voucher) using our form “AVGS-Start-Up Coaching Application”. We will be happy to help you with your application and are also available to answer your questions by telephone.

Every participant in our Founders’ Coaching A-Z receives a digital and a bound business plan, which shows you the way and comes across professionally to other interested parties such as the agency/job center or even the bank. But remember, first and foremost the plan is for you, because it should show you a feasible and economical way forward for your business.

To get an activation and placement voucher (AVGS), you have to meet certain requirements. Here are some general conditions:

  1. Unemployment: You must be registered as unemployed and receive benefits according to the German Social Code (SGB) II, i.e. unemployment benefit I or II (Bürgergeld). (Sometimes it is enough to be threatened with unemployment, e.g. because you have been laid off or are threatened with being laid off).
  2. Integration agreement: You should have concluded an integration agreement with your Job Centre. This agreement regulates the joint steps and measures for integration into the labour market or the introduction to self-employment.
  3. Counselling interview: You should have a personal counselling interview with your employment officer at the job centre (this can also be done by
    telephone). They will check whether you are suitable for the AVGS and whether it can help to improve your chances of employment. We are also happy to
    provide support here.
  4. Community of need: If you live in a community of need, the other members of the community of need must also meet the requirements for the AVGS.
  5. It can also be helpful to communicate with your case worker at the office, e.g. via the BA app or the Job Centre.

It is important to note that the exact requirements for the AVGS can vary depending on the federal state, employment agency or job centre. It is advisable to contact your local job centre or employment agency directly for specific information and requirements. We are also happy to help you prepare for this. We can support you, for example, with an application for the AVGS.

You need a valid activation and placement voucher, which has been issued, for example, to introduce you to self-employment or to the job market.

“Kursnet” is a comprehensive online database of the Federal Employment Agency in Germany that provides information on jobs and apprenticeships, training and qualification opportunities, as well as career choices and continuing education. The database offers jobseekers and training seekers quick and easy access to up-to-date information on job vacancies and training opportunities in Germany.

“Kursnet” contains information on various job profiles, qualifications and areas of activity, as well as further training opportunities and career development. The platform also provides an overview of various funding programs, such as the Activation and Placement Voucher (AVGS), which helps job seekers finance further training measures.

“Kursnet” is publicly accessible and can be used by job seekers, training seekers, career counselors, educational institutions and employers to find information about occupational fields, job opportunities and qualification offers. At “Kursnet,” you can also find all our offers for individual coaching.

Our program is called Founders’ Coaching A-Z and deals with all the necessary issues of a start-up. From acquisition methods to target group specific communication, together we create a comprehensive business concept that examines and describes the market and competition for your products/services. We’ll also answer all your questions regarding the form of the company, the founder’s personality, sales, location and, above all, finances. With the bound copy and our free expert opinion, you then go to the office and can even apply for subsidies (start-up subsidy).

In addition to a comprehensive analysis of your CV and ideas, strategies are developed to optimize your documents in order to reach the job market. Whether employers, headhunters or multipliers, we try to create a matching so that you can quickly get your dream job. If you wish, we can also carry out photo shoots and help you prepare for interviews and negotiate contracts, provide you with advice on all aspects of the application process and make our network available to you.

We fill out the AVGS (Activation and Placement Voucher) for you and send it to the cost unit (Job Center/Agency for Employment) and then receive the approval. After that we start with the mutually agreed dates.

Feel free to inquire on the web and our social media platforms, whether it’s Google or Proven Expert, we are happy that so many give us positive feedback, but make up your own mind.

You usually receive the activation and placement voucher by mail, sometimes also by e-mail. Since we need the original for the office, we ask you to send it to the following address.

AVOCONS GmbH / AVGS Coaching Center,

Schnellerstraße 60, 12439 Berlin.

There, we will fill it out with the coaching period, add the certified measure number and send it stamped and signed to the office.

As a rule, you will be coached in Berlin or online. Through cooperation partners, other locations are also possible. Our head office is in Berlin Treptow-Köpenick but through cooperation with Regus, we can also accommodate you in Charlottenburg, downtown Berlin and other locations, if necessary.