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Glossary of terms for AVGS Coaching.


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How do I apply properly? Which measures and tools do I use for the perfect application letter? Who do I contact and how? These are the big questions that are clarified and answered in our AVGS job application coaching. In the individual coaching, we also comprehensively prepare for digital applications, online interviews and digital skills.

It is important not to scatter hundreds of applications indiscriminately. Rather, it is important to develop the right strategy based on individual needs and strengths. Whether it’s your visual imagery, a letter of motivation or CV revision, in our AVGS individual coaching, we convey what really brings you to your goal.

Is an official reimbursement of coaching costs, which includes the period of individual coaching and gives us the opportunity to settle our coaching directly with the office (job center or employment agency). In addition, this usually includes a travel expenses form that all our clients can use to get expenses reimbursed. The same applies, for example, to approved coaching sessions with childcare. As a rule, our coachees receive the notification and so do we. When we receive the approval, the AVGS coaching can officially begin. The notice also states the period of the coaching, i.e. the end date. If a start-up coaching or job coaching is not finished, that is no problem. We will then apply for an extension of the AVGS individual coaching in Berlin or the city in which the coaching was applied for.

We prepare for test procedures of the new employer. Whether you are a pilot, a commercial employee, a project manager or a department head, no matter which position is to be filled, you will be able to master the hurdle of upstream testing and selection procedures known as assessment centers. We will prepare you for these tests in our AVGS job coaching programs, whether online, in person or hybrid.

Activation and placement voucher from the employment agency or job center in Germany for introduction to the training and labor market (so-called job coaching) or to self-employment (so-called start-up coaching). The voucher means that you do not have to pay any money for a so-called qualification measure; the employment agency or job center takes care of that and settles the accounts directly with AZAV-certified measure providers like us. Activation and placement vouchers can only be redeemed by approved providers or for approved measures. This does not apply to placement in employment subject to compulsory insurance.

Sponsors who carry out or arrange for the carrying out of employment promotion measures (e.g. introduction to self-employment) themselves require approval. This applies regardless of whether they want to participate in tenders or offer voucher measures. The specific measure (e.g. founder coaching), on the other hand, only needs to be approved if it can be taken up with a voucher – i.e. with an education voucher or an activation and placement voucher. So-called expert bodies, which in turn have certification from the German Accreditation Body and operate on the basis of a private-law agreement with the labor market service provider, are responsible for approving providers and measures. The subject of this agreement is also the price for the accreditation. The expert body checks whether the requirements for accreditation according to §§ 176 ff. of the Third Book of the Social Code and the Accreditation and Approval Regulation for Employment Promotion (AZAV) are met. Approval can be granted for a maximum of five years.

“Booster” is a term used to describe people who, despite having a regular employment (employment or self-employment) in Germany, do not earn enough money to cover their living expenses. Therefore, they receive additional financial support from the state in the form of a citizen’s allowance (formerly Hartz-IV). This supplementary assistance is also referred to as a “booster income”, as the income of the person concerned is person’s income is boosted by these additional benefits.

Business coaching is the accompaniment of a professional expert for entrepreneurs who want to optimize their business. Mostly, it is already self-employed people who need to increase their business and therefore need help with various entrepreneurial topics. Thus, the revision of a business plan or the financial plan can be necessary or the development of strategies of the turnover increase and cost saving. Marketing, acquisition and price instruments or company form, tax or accounting tips round off the business coaching. But also each founder can apply for a AVGS Business cCaching. The coaching for the so-called introduction to an independent activity is free of charge after approval and can be carried out individually, e.g. also online.

Business planning, business concept, financial plan, agenda, business guide … All of it is business plan, and it’s all required to create a viable business. The business plan consists of the executive summary, the business idea, a description of the market and competition, the presentation of the company organization and the financial plan. Further chapters, such as sales, acquisition, marketing, risks, legal forms, etc., supplement the business concept within the framework of AVGS start-up coaching. The financial plan is usually prepared over the next 36 months and includes the sales plan, cost summary, investment planning, borrowed capital and financing requirements as well as the profitability calculation and liquidity planning. At the end, appendices are added and the plan should definitely be viable, feasible and serve as a roadmap for the founder. We are an expert body and can therefore provide a viability opinion that is required for the application of the start-up grant or entry benefits. Our rate so far: 100 % !!!

In general, the coaching is the support of a specialist expert who helps in the areas of application training, optimal application documents, job search, interview preparation and contract negotiations with advice and strategy development. The task of the AVGS coaching for all is to shape the further career path individually and cleverly.

While many training providers and coaches (can) offer their services through only one person, few companies have the option of using the approved hourly budget for several coaches. Thus, at AVOCONS GmbH, everyone can mix his or her coach from experts in different fields; because not everyone knows everything, but many know much more!

The term coaching is used as a collective term for different consulting methods (here e.g. individual coaching). In contrast to the classical consultation, in particular the development of own solutions (self-help), good coaches will also include their own advice, i.e. practical tips and tricks as well as tools that can be implemented. Coaching refers to structured discussions between a coach and a coachee (client), e.g. on questions of career choice, life orientation or founding topics. It also deals with leadership, communication and cooperation. The goals of these conversations range from the assessment and development of personal competencies and perspectives to suggestions for self-reflection and overcoming conflicts and obstacles. In doing so, the coach acts as a neutral, critical discussion partner and, depending on the goal, uses methods from the entire spectrum of the respective area development (personal and professional). AVGS Coaching refers to all coaching measures that are certified according to AZAV and thus possibly free of charge.

Depending on the AVGS (type of activation and placement voucher), we enter into the appropriate coaching contract with the coachees. Here we agree on content, measure number, record the AVGS number, coaching duration and costs that are covered by the office and regulate other wishes. We send this coaching contract to the case workers so that they can approve the costs and so that the AVGS coaching is completely free of charge for the coachee.

As soon as approval for the costs for our consulting or for the AVGS coaching is received, the so-called approval notice, the coaching costs as well as possible costs for childcare and / or travel costs will be covered by the office. Prerequisite is the AVGS application and a coaching contract with us, which includes an assignment clause. After completion of the AVGS coaching, we will carry out the accounting ourselves. We are able to do this because we are certified according to AZAV and therefore, as a recognized educational institution, we are allowed to settle directly with the employment agency or the job center. You therefore have no costs for the coaching.

The cost unit is the party that ultimately pays the costs for the coaching services. Usually it is the employment agency, the job center or even the German armed forces. Sometimes also the pension fund. We are happy to provide information here about the AVGS coaching programs, which are 100% free of charge after approval.

You are not entitled to have the costs of coaching covered by the AVGS (Activation and Placement Voucher). This means that you should approach your case worker at the office and discuss exactly why you need supported coaching. Often, the employee would like to have an offer from us. We will therefore provide you with suitable coaching offers at very short notice so that you can achieve your goal. The discretionary benefit will thus quickly fade into the background and the AVGS will be created.

Measures for activation and professional integration support participants in finding and taking up employment. Their aim is to introduce you to the training and labor market or to identify, remove or reduce barriers to placement; to place you in employment subject to compulsory insurance or to introduce you to self-employment, for example with the AVGS start-up coaching.

Measures can be carried out by state or private training providers such as AVOCONS GmbH, private employment agencies or by employers who want to determine the suitability of an unemployed person for a particular job before they hire him or her or, for example, before he or she can become self-employed. The participant in integration measures is still entitled to unemployment benefits (ARG I) or unemployment benefits (ARG II), but statistically is not considered unemployed for this period because he or she is not available to the labor market.

An optimal team of employees is the dream of every HR manager. With personnel consulting, we put you in the comfortable situation of knowing the HR department’s point of view and aligning yourself with it.

Hybrid AVGS Coaching is a form of coaching that combines elements of face-to-face and online coaching. It uses various technologies such as telephone, video chat, email or messenger apps to facilitate a flexible and effective coaching session.

Unlike pure face-to-face or online coaching formats, hybrid coaching offers the advantage that coachee and coach do not have to be physically in the same room. This means that geographical distances no longer play a role and coaching sessions can be more flexible in terms of time and space. At the same time, the opportunity to have face-to-face contact and interaction remains.

Hybrid coaching can also be a cost-effective alternative, as travel costs and travel time can be saved. It also allows coaches to increase their reach and flexibility and offer their services to a wider audience. Overall, hybrid coaching is a modern form of coaching that combines the benefits of face-to-face and online coaching to provide an effective and flexible coaching experience.

We support you individually in a 1 to 1 situation. We don’t do frontal teaching or large group events to give you the knowledge to succeed. We focus directly on one-on-one coaching face-to-face, just you and your subject matter expert.

In general, this is the support of a professional expert who helps in the areas of application training, optimal application documents, job search, interview preparation and contract negotiations with advice and strategy development.

When looking for employment, Employment Agencies or Job Centres are not the only ones to consider. Jobseekers can also use private labour market service providers of their choice to place them in employment. The involvement of private labour market service providers can result in additional opportunities for new employment. The use of a private intermediary is voluntary. Private employment agencies require a business registration and can also demand compensation from job seekers if they are successfully placed in employment. Only contingency fees are permissible. For jobseekers, however, the permissible compensation for jobseekers is limited to a maximum amount (currently up to 3,000 Euros). For certain professions or groups of persons, the current law permits the payment of a fee by employees that is based on the salary for the mediated activity. These are, for example, artists, professional athletes, au-pairs, artists and photographic models. Compensation for training placement services may only be demanded or received from the employer.

We coach not only in person but also digitally, online, via video chat or other messengers. Whether Skype, Meets, Zoom or Teams, we use almost all channels to support you online. We can share our screens and still present everything to you as usual and use other tools digitally. You hardly need any previous knowledge. You save travel time and travel costs. If you do not have a PC, tablet or similar, we will of course provide you with a device free of charge for the duration of the coaching.

Not everyone knows which path is the right one in the future. For this reason, our experts help with individual coaching to find strengths, weaknesses and solutions and to provide the necessary orientation. Is it the path of traditional employment or is it perhaps the wish to become independent and found a company? Sometimes both. With the AVGS orientation coaching, we set the course for your future together.

The placement voucher is not an activation and placement voucher for the introduction to self-employment and also not a voucher for coaching, e.g. career coaching, but a voucher for a job placement that is subject to social security contributions. These vouchers can be redeemed at private employment agencies and have nothing to do with qualification or individual coaching. We are happy to refer you to our cooperation partner with this voucher.

The recognition procedure refers to the fact that persons who have come from another country to have their professional qualifications acquired abroad can have their professional qualifications recognised here. This is important in order to be able to work in Germany in the relevant profession. The procedure checks whether the qualifications meet German standards.

Coaching can help in this context because it supports the migrant in successfully completing the recognition procedure. A coach can help to compile the necessary documents, the application and also help in preparing for possible examinations. The coaching is intended to facilitate the integration of migrants into the German labour market.

The “start-up allowance” is a state benefit that can be paid as a supplement to unemployment benefit II payments when an unemployed person takes up self-employment or other employment subject to social insurance contributions. It provides unemployed persons with a financial incentive to overcome their need for assistance, through certain forms of private business start-ups. The declared aim of the allowance is not only to reduce the need for assistance on the part of the unemployed, but also to permanently eliminate it.

Our AVGS start-up coaching prepares you for a viable business start-up. In addition to market and competition analysis, marketing and pricing strategies are discussed, which are then compiled into a business concept (business plan). In addition to the financial plan, this also includes statements about the founder, his or her abilities and strengths/weaknesses. The development of a product/service offering with real customer benefits and so-called unique selling propositions (differentiation from other providers) is the focus here. Founder coaches should have real experience with founders, ideally through companies they have founded themselves.

This subsidy is a discretionary benefit that can provide several months of additional liquidity for the livelihood of entrepreneurs in their main occupation. In the amount of the last received ALG1 plus a lump sum for social security, this can facilitate the start of self-employment with a viable business plan. After a few months, the insurance bonus can be extended for additional months upon request. With a 100% success rate, Avocons GmbH is happy to help.

1 day of strategy can save a year of work. If you set the right course at the beginning, you can reach your goal faster and easier. With our strategy concepts, we develop target-oriented measures and instruments that will get you to your goal faster. For example, we develop marketing concepts that put yourself and your products and services in the spotlight. This is how you create sales, turnover and success.

With the right communication, price negotiation and the perfect overall impression, your interview will be successful.

If you know the person you want to reach, you can reach him first. Whether customer, multiplier, partner, employee or competitor. Defining the target group is crucial before communicating, positioning or designing. That’s why we take a structured approach in our coaching sessions, from analysis to strategy consulting to target group definition and then to conception. All pieces of the puzzle are components of our AVGS start-up coaching.

A teaching unit is 45 minutes and is often used for AVGS coaching by cost units. In our coaching offers, we therefore usually list the hours in teaching units, in order to do justice to the office here. Our coachings can contain up to 100 teaching units. Mostly, it depends on the need and the application. The more hours you get, the better the coaching, because we can discuss various topics in individual coaching.

Transfer payments are government payments or benefits paid to specific groups of people or organizations to achieve social or economic purposes. These benefits are financed from public funds and are used to improve the living conditions of certain groups of people or to promote social goals.

Examples of transfer payments are social benefits such as the citizen’s allowance, child benefit, housing benefit or pension payments. Subsidies for companies or agricultural subsidies are also forms of transfer payments. In the context of the AVGS claim, it is mainly a question of citizen’s allowance or benefits for entrepreneurs who have to top up their income.

The idea behind transfer payments is to balance the distribution of income and wealth in society and to create social justice. Transfer payments should also help to strengthen social cohesion and ensure social security for people in need.

An unsolicited application is necessary if you want to fill a position that is not advertised. We also use this technique in our AVGS job coaching or application coaching to exhaust all possibilities for your dream job.

If a start-up project is not viable, the employment agency will not grant a start-up subsidy and the Job Center will not pay an entry benefit. Viability means that in the foreseeable future, the founders will be able to cover their own living costs from the taxed profits and will not require transfer payments.