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Our individual, digital and personal one-on-one coaching sessions support academics* in their career, job search, application process and hiring.

AVGS Akademikercoaching

AVGS Academic Coaching
Dropped out of a Master’s program? Re-entry after family break or illness? Job loss or change of life plan? Bachelor, Master, Doctor or Engineer, academics know: “In life you never stop learning”. That’s why we support academics and those who want to become academics with the right AVGS coaching.

Especially for academics:

Coaching improves your knowledge balance and perspective.

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Academic coaching can be the decisive key to the next career stage or self-employment. Academic coaching with an AVGS refers to our coaching program, which is specially designed for academics and is financed by an activation and placement voucher (AVGS). The AVGS is a measure of the employment agency or the job center, with which job seekers are supported in their professional reorientation or basic orientation.


Aims of Academic Coaching

Our academic coaching with an AVGS aims to support academics in the development and implementation of their career goals. The coaching can help identify individual strengths, potential and skills, optimize the search for suitable job offers and improve application documents. We provide support in the job search after graduation. Our academic coaching can also help with preparing for job interviews or contract negotiations, as well as building helpful networks.
The coaching program is conducted by specially trained and experienced coaches and is tailored to the individual needs and goals of the participants. Participation in academic coaching with an AVGS is free of charge for job seekers and can usually be applied for directly at the employment agency or job center.

AVGS academic coaching usually takes place in a so-called systemic and biography-oriented framework. We first ask about your personal background in order to determine your academic status, skills and experience. Our certified coaches work out solutions for academics.

We provide input in the creation and further development as well as the use of contemporary, digitally targeted application documents, such as modern CV, initiative or motivation correspondence. We provide targeted job research in academic coaching and work together to find jobs that match your interests, skills and experience. Alternative employment opportunities that match your skills and interests may also be considered.

We evaluate your application activities and prepare you for verbal and non-verbal communication for a successful job interview. We use modern techniques to prepare for digital job interviews and, if necessary, create digital application videos. We help young graduates find a successful entry into the job market with our coaching after graduation.

Academic Coaching with the activation and placement voucher is so easy: Watch our video!

AVGS Coaching:
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With us, you can individually do the coaching that fits your needs and professional goals. Whether job coaching, application coaching or start-up coaching – we support you in integrating into the German labor market and give you the orientation for the next step in your professional future. Choose the right AVGS coaching to expand and strengthen your professional skills.

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Susanne Augustin - AVGS Coaching
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AVGS Coaching - Sara Madani
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Svenja Klüh - AVGS Coaching
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14129 Berlin
Yasemin Eckert - AVGS Coaching
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Judith Ritz-Ayres - AVGS Coaching
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39291 Möser
Uchenna Jonas - AVGS Coaching
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10315 Berlin
Dr. Nikolaus Andre - AVGS Coaching
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Sina Gunkel - AVGS-Coaching
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20359 Hamburg
AVGS Coaching - Johann Krakl
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AVGS Coaching - Daniel von Rützen
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Raimund Imo - AVGS Coaching
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68161 Mannheim
Ani Karapetyan - AVGS Coaching
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