Orientation Coaching


Professional orientation or compass for start-ups.

AVGS Orientierungscoaching berufliche Entwicklung

AVGS Orientation Coaching for professional development
It is not always clear what the right path is. Should I change industries or go into business for myself? Do I need professional orientation or help in setting up my own business? Perhaps part-time employment and/or a side business will be right for me in the future? Is what I can do what I really want to do? We can clarify many questions with our coach team.

Life Orientation:

With orientation coaching, we can work out professional orientation together and prepare the right steps.

AVGS Orientierungscoaching und Gründerberatung

AVGS orientation coaching and start-up consulting
After all, there is only this one life! Therefore use (re)orientation and apply for coaching. After approval of the orientation coaching by the employment agency or the job center, the coaching is free of charge.


The AVGS orientation coaching, in person, by telephone or digitally, takes place in a systemic and biography-oriented framework. We first inquire about the personal background to determine the status of qualifications, competencies and experiences. Then we analyze the influence of external “systems”, such as family, old job, market changes, health and society. Our coaches work out solutions in a structured and individual way at the respective pace and biorhythm. In coaching, we orient ourselves to your character, strengths and weaknesses, the market, trends and opportunities, as well as your desires, feelings and visions.

Whether it’s your first orientation, reorientation or re-entry, we help you align your compass for the next step in your life, so that you can work and live more happily. Together we will find the path to a more meaningful professional and working life with a future, whether self-employed or in a salaried position. We work with certified concepts and scientifically based methods for personality development and life planning.

Orientation Coaching with the activation and placement voucher is so easy: Watch our video!

AVGS Coaching:
Here you can find more information and answers to your questions!

With us, you can individually do the coaching that fits your needs and professional goals. Whether job coaching, application coaching or start-up coaching – we support you in integrating into the German labor market and give you the orientation for the next step in your professional future. Choose the right AVGS coaching to expand and strengthen your professional skills.

Choose your coach:

Dr. Nikolaus Andre - AVGS Coaching
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12209 Berlin
Irene Yu - AVGS Coaching
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12045 Berlin
Ani Karapetyan - AVGS Coaching
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13089 Berlin
AVGS Coaching - Marina Gentner
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84364 Bad Birnbach
Keren Pickard - AVGS Coaching
AVGS Coaching with:
77815 Bühl
Yasemin Eckert - AVGS Coaching
AVGS Coaching with:
14163 Berlin
Miriam Hanelt - AVGS Coaching
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86928 Hofstetten
AVGS Coaching - Johann Krakl
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14059 Berlin
Julia Nordmark - AVGS Coaching
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60385 Frankfurt am Main
AVGS Coaching - Alla Bilenka
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51107 Köln
Gabriele Herz - AVGS Coaching
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10119 Berlin
AVGS Coaching - David Roemmler
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10243 Berlin