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Uchenna Jonas
10315 Berlin
english, german
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online, by phone
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Job coaching / Application coaching, Orientation coaching, Start-up coaching / Business coaching, Coaching for female founders, Executive coaching / Academics, Migration coaching
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“As a diversity marketing coach for digital freedom, I’m passionate about helping unique visionaries recognize their difference as a strength, so they can finally come into visibility & win the right business partners (like dream clients) with ease. #becausediversitymatters 🏳️‍🌈

My mission is to help especially marginalized groups of people to come into visibility. Digital freedom means being able to show yourself online just as you are – without fear of having to pretend or hide and constantly being compared and questioned.

Furthermore, behind the term is also the ideal of using the Internet to become freer and not the other way around, that the Internet chains you down and you lose yourself in the vastness of the digital world.

These are exactly the two approaches that I am passionate about as a coach in the context of client acquisition, because on the one hand I was addicted to the internet and on the other hand I had many experiences of discrimination due to my otherness, which forced me to develop my personality.

In addition, through my degree in international business administration and my many years of experience in online retailing, I quickly developed a comprehensive understanding of how the digital revolution is changing our world of work, bringing both new opportunities and new dangers.

My experience as a digital native, marketing & social media specialist, and YouTuber gives me the sensitivity I need in my work as a coach and makes me a unique expert in the diversity field.”

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Branch experience
Consulting / Coaching, Creative, Media, Online marketing / Web store, Services, Telecommunication
Focus / Interests
Creativity, Family Work-Life-Balance, Highly sensitive, LGBTQI+, Migration, Network, New Work / GenZ, Resilience
Key areas
Business plan development, Founding process (support), Idea / Analysis / Strategy, Marketing / Sales / SocialMedia, Self-organization / Time management
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