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Our individual, digital and personal career coaching sessions support you effectively with new professional challenges.

AVGS Karrierecoaching

AVGS Career Coaching
If you know your skills, you can seize opportunities to achieve your goals. With our career coaching, we develop competencies and impart know-how that is not only future-proof in the changing world of work, but also personal and value-oriented. For this reason, our team coaches everyone who wants change or needs to adapt to it.

Flexible use:

Our career coaching is not only suitable for managers, specialists or academic careers.

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Our career coaching is suitable for all careers that want to or have to deal with job changes, function or task changes or industry-changing challenges.

Career coaching

AVGS career coaching in person or digitally takes place in a systemic and biography-oriented framework. We first inquire about the personal background to determine the status of qualifications, competencies and experience. Then we continue the analysis in foreign “systems”, such as family, old job, market changes. Our coaches work out solutions in a structured and individual way at the respective pace and biorhythm.

Whether it’s initial orientation, reorientation or re-entry, we help align the compass for the next career step so that you can work and live more happily and meaningfully. Together, we find the path for a satisfied professional and working life with a future. In doing so, we work with certified concepts and scientifically based methods for personality identification and career planning.

In career coaching, we offer active support in job research as well as in looking at the entrepreneurial market. We evaluate the application activities that have taken place and prepare for verbal and non-verbal communication for a successful job interview. We use modern techniques to prepare for digital job interviews and, if necessary, create digital application videos.

We support the creation and further development as well as the use of contemporary, digitally targeted application documents, such as contemporary CVs, initiative or motivation letters.

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AVGS Coaching:
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With us, you can individually do the coaching that fits your needs and professional goals. Whether job coaching, application coaching or start-up coaching – we support you in integrating into the German labor market and give you the orientation for the next step in your professional future. Choose the right AVGS coaching to expand and strengthen your professional skills.

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81825 München
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36381 Schlüchtern
Ani Karapetyan - AVGS Coaching
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13089 Berlin
Uchenna Jonas - AVGS Coaching
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10315 Berlin
Julia Nordmark - AVGS Coaching
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60311 Frankfurt am Main
AVGS Coaching - Ariana Villwock
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22455 Hamburg
AVGS Coaching - David Roemmler
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10117 Berlin
Gabriele Herz - AVGS Coaching
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10119 Berlin
AVGS Coaching - Johann Krakl
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14059 Berlin
AVGS Coaching - Marina Gentner
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84364 Bad Birnbach
Irene Yu - AVGS Coaching
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12045 Berlin
Sina Gunkel - AVGS-Coaching
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20359 Hamburg