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Judith Ritz-Ayres
39291 Möser, Sachsen-Anhalt
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online, by phone
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Orientation coaching, Start-up coaching / Business coaching, Coaching for female founders, Lifecoaching
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My Motto: “Life is too short for mediocrity. Follow your inner calling and live your life to the fullest!”

Welcome to your journey towards self-realization and entrepreneurial success! As an experienced coach and consultant, I guide you with tailored solutions and extensive expertise to help you achieve your goals and maximize your potential. Since 2009, I have supported clients worldwide – from Hawaii to New Zealand – in realizing their dreams and achieving success.

My specialization includes startup coaching, career and job application coaching, business coaching, social media coaching, branding and marketing mentoring, and customized solutions that cater to your individual needs and goals.

Who I Am

My name is Judith. I am a free spirit, globetrotter, and mother of two small children. Additionally, I am a successful coach and mentor. With a degree in International Management, training as a Human Design Analyst, and numerous advanced courses with highly successful international coaches in business coaching and entrepreneurship, I bring extensive knowledge and qualifications.

This comprehensive training and my special expertise in branding and marketing allow me to optimally support you and provide you with the best strategies and techniques to position your business effectively.

My Mission

I primarily work with women and mothers who want to advance their careers or take the leap into self-employment. My goal is to help you recognize and harness your innate strengths to lead a successful and fulfilling business and life.

What Sets Me Apart

What sets me apart from other coaches is my deep understanding of the uniqueness of each individual. Through my extensive experience and the application of Human Design, I can develop tailored strategies that are precisely aligned with your needs, abilities, and energy.
As a former successful athlete and world traveler, I highly value freedom and self-realization – and this is exactly what I want to enable for you.

Your Success with Me

The results speak for themselves: My clients have gained not only clarity about their professional and personal goals but also achieved impressive successes. Many have successfully launched their own businesses and generated five-figure monthly revenues within a short period. Working with me has helped them multiply their customer inquiries and achieve more from themselves and their businesses than they ever thought possible.

My Coaching Style

My coaching style combines analytical precision with pragmatic implementation. By analyzing your metaphysics, I get to know you deeply and can provide you with the exact support you need. I share practical tips and shortcuts from my own experiences and extensive training to help you achieve success more easily.

Methods and Techniques

I use Human Design and astrology as core methods to provide you with a deep understanding of yourself. These techniques help identify and optimally utilize your strengths. Additionally, I offer comprehensive support in creating business and financial plans, applying for startup grants, and building your brand presence for online and social media marketing.

Your Path to Success

A typical coaching session with me is individually and flexibly designed. There is no rigid scheme – you get exactly what you need. My sessions are conducted online, allowing you to work with me from anywhere in the world. Additionally, I offer Human Design readings, extensive online materials, and follow-up sessions to ensure you continuously progress and achieve your goals.

Start Your Journey Now

Are you ready to embark on your path to freedom and success? Let’s start together! Contact me today for a non-binding initial consultation and discover how I can support you on your journey.

Branch experience
Consulting / Coaching, Creative, Freelance professions, Online marketing / Web store, Parenting / Care, Services, Tourism / Gastronomy
Focus / Interests
Creativity, Family Work-Life-Balance, Men's coaching, Women's coaching
Key areas
Business plan development, Financial planning, Founding process (support), Idea / Analysis / Strategy, Marketing / Sales / SocialMedia, Self-organization / Time management, Start up / Young company, Start-up grant / start-up money
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