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“The natural state of your soul is free, joyful and limitless!”
I deeply believe in this – so what keeps you from living your freedom, your joy and your unlimited potential?

Hey there, I am happy to welcome you on my page.
My name is Marina, my vocation is to be a psychologist, life coach and female empowerment coach.

Vocation? How? What?
Well, instead of taking a career path that many before me took, doing what my parents did or wanted me to do or what is the standard in our society, I chose to create my own path. After my psychology studied I stopped and asked my heart: “What’s my mission here on earth? What would make me truly happy?” And listened to the voice within. Following this voice, I paved my own career path. I collected tools from psychology, coaching, free artistic expression, different spiritual orientations and schools, embodiment and by learning from indigenous cultures. Like this an unique approach formed how I accompany and support my clients as a Job and Life Coach.

I tell you this not only so you get to know me. But because I wish you nothing less than experiencing the same amount of fulfillment in your career. And I want to support you to get to this point. The main areas of my work are: holistic coaching, working with high sensitivity and a somatic approach, coaching for women and education about the feminine cycle.

Holistic Coaching
You are a soul in a body making a human experience. This experience is composed by the sensations in your body, your thoughts and emotions. In my coaching sessions I focus on reuniting these aspects of existence and reconnect you to the parts of yourself you lost connection with. So it is an especially wholesome approach. Together we work on the blockages and negative thought patterns that keep you stuck and strain you. Themes we will look at are: Reevaluation and reorientation in career terms and your life, your experience of meaning in your career, strengthening your self-confidence and trust in your dreams and desires, reduction of fears regarding your future, gaining clarity and structure for your path ahead. Questions that are present like: What do I actually want from life? What fulfills me and gives me meaning in my career and life? Where do I need a course correction or more clarity for my path? Will finally come to an answer through the holistic Life and Job Coaching.

High sensitivity and somatic approach
I have a deep passion for supporting my clients in finally understanding their body and recognising that it actually always wants the best for them. Especially for highly sensitive people this is hard to see because they suffer from their condition. But what if I told you that this isn’t a disadvantage but a huge gift? I want to support you to finally understand your body and work with it instead of against it.
High sensitivity is a superpower that so far got misunderstood. Now is the time to reclaim this superpower!

Female Empowerment Coaching and feminine cycle education
Similar as with high sensitivity the feminine cycle got totally misinterpreted and misunderstood by society. We women are cyclical beings, our hormones change a lot throughout the month and with it a lot of women experience emotional imbalances, menstrual pain, brain fog, headaches and depressive states. But it doesn’t have to be like that! Also here we can apply the principle from above: our body talks to us – we just didn’t learn yet to understand what it is telling us. Your experience as a woman doesn’t have to be painful and a burden. I want for you that it is an experience that you can enjoy, that you can blossom as a woman and that you learn to understand what the different phases of your cycle are and what changes on mental, emotional, physical and energetic level. If you start to understand the differences you can use the phases instead of being at their mercy.
Beyond the aspect of having a cycle I found that living life as a woman has other demands than we got taught in society. The way our society evolved is based on very masculine attributes, thought patterns and behaviours. By returning to your feminine essence and deconditioning from those baviors and patterns you find new strength and beauty is being a woman. Especially in the way you approach your career this can mean a 180 degrees change in direction to fulfillment and self-empowerment.

Life is the biggest teacher
Thats something I got to learn quite early in my life. My own high sensitivity and strong psychosomatic symptoms brought me onto a path of self development early. Classic medicine couldn’t give me the answers I was searching so I searched on alternative paths. I encountered growth on all levels of my being – the mental, energetic, emotional and physical level. I studied psychology (Bachelor and Master of Science) and art. Already during my studies I started with Vipassana meditation and learned energetic healing. During my travels I got to know approaches to healing from other cultures like the Hawaiian shamanism and bodywork from the Guatemalean Maya tradition. I broadened my repertoire with individual psychological coaching and existential analysis. The core of this approach is the sense of purpose in each moment. I learned different healing massages and De-Armoring (a body based approach to heal and let go of the walls we built around us to protect us from pain). For the last three years I am exploring and learning about the menstrual cycle and womb healing and found my passion in feminine empowerment coaching.  All these unique and diverse methods are part of my work and the tools I use in my Job and Life Coaching. And I can’t wait to support you with them!

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