How individual support is revolutionising the labour market

Today, the German labour market is more dynamic than ever before. To be successful in this environment, it is crucial to have the right tools and support. This is where AVGS job coaching comes into play, an instrument that has proven to be extremely effective in guiding jobseekers on their path to success.

What is AVGS job coaching?

AVGS job coaching (AVGS stands for activation and placement voucher) is a personalised support programme that aims to provide jobseekers with the skills, strategies and confidence they need to achieve their career goals. A qualified AVGS job coach works closely with jobseekers to understand their individual needs and offer customised solutions. The result can be, for example, new employment, averting the threat of redundancy or the knowledge of new career prospects.

The positive influence of job coaching

The effectiveness of job coaching has been proven in numerous studies as well as from our own many years of experience and statistics. A recent study found that participants who took part in an AVGS job coaching programme had significantly higher chances of finding employment than those who did not receive this support. These results underline the importance of personalised AVGS coaching in overcoming the challenges of the modern labour market.

Current statistics

According to a recent study by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, more than 70% of participants in job coaching programmes have found a job within six months of completing the programme. This impressive success rate clearly shows that job coaching has a lasting and positive impact on the professional integration of jobseekers. AVGS job coaching is a guarantee of success, especially for people with a migration background. Surveys of participants in job coaching programmes have shown that an overwhelming majority of respondents rated the experience positively. More than 80% stated that the coaching helped them to achieve their career goals and that they greatly appreciated the support of their job coach.

AVGS coaching with AZAV-certified quality

As a provider of AVGS coaching, our aim is to help people develop their full professional potential and successfully enter the labour market. By providing high-quality job coaching services, we not only strengthen the trust of our clients, but also consolidate our image as experts in this field. This expertise is reviewed annually by external auditing companies to prevent black sheep in the market. The so-called audits often last for weeks and include a review of the current coaching programmes, their impact, implementation, methodology and didactics. Nothing is left to chance here. As coaching is financed by the employment agency or job centre, the quality and experience of AVGS coaching providers are essential.


Job coaching is an effective tool for promoting professional integration and increasing the employability of jobseekers. The positive results and current statistics speak for themselves and prove the importance of this labour market tool. As experts in job coaching, we are proud to contribute to improving people’s chances on the labour market and to support them on their path to professional success. With thousands of coaching sessions carried out and supported nationwide, we confirm the positive success in career development and advise anyone who is unemployed or at risk of unemployment to apply for AVGS job coaching. Individual coaching based on hybrid models in personal coaching is particularly advantageous. We therefore only offer nationwide individual coaching sessions where you can choose between face-to-face, digital or hybrid delivery. You can also choose your own coach from a large pool of experts, depending on your personal needs.

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